Welcome to Sky hi Stakepool

Mission: 100% Decentralisation by Supporting Low Leverage Pools


Security & Reliability

We pride ourself in maintaining  a high security in our approach to staking. We do everything to keep reliability our highest priority.. So we continously moniter and optimise the  server behaviour to achive the desired outcome.

You can be  assusred that your staking experience will give you peace of mind. Even while you sleep we are working hard to get the best reward for you.

Our experienced IT professionals are maintainng the stakepool and they deploy every trick in the book to eliminate outage. 


Cloud Based Servers

Our cloud based servers are  high spec cutting edge technology which forms the basis of our stakepool. 

Sky Hi Pool infrastructure is set up with multiple relay and core nodes distributed across the globe (London, Singapore & Bengaluru-India) with a dedicated cloud server for each one.

The cloud-based enterprise level infrastructure allows easy scaling of the system if need be in the future. As the Cardano community grows, we will ensure that you grow with it.


StakePool Info

Ticker :          SkyHi
Name:            Sky Hi StakePool
Pledge:           100,000
Margin Fee:     0% till June 21
Minimum:     340 ADA

Pool ID:

We are a UK based company built on knowledge, intergerty and sky hi values. 
Be reassured you are in good hands. 

Our Mission:  Working towards 100% decentralisation and supporting Cardano’s aim to  sustain low leverage smaller stakepool owners, that’s why we chose to have only ONE stakepool, not groups of stakepools.

Come and support this vision by delegating your ADA.


24/7 Monitering

We will have round the clock monitoring on our  pool for maximum uptime to ensure reliable pooling.

We focus on refining  our technology so that our energy is spent on staking and pooling of ADA to bring the best outcome, whilist supporting the wider vision of Cardano in sustaining the network globally.

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